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Where the sensitivity and gentleness of a horse builds the strength and confidence of a human.

Equestrian Connection is all about helping people with special needs by connecting them with horses, therapists and one another. It's about connecting those who need therapy with those who can help them improve their lives. Research shows that including the use of horses as part of a therapy plan is beneficial to people with special needs.

Here at Equestrian Connection we know that our clients are working hard and we know that we are constantly challenging them to do what they haven't done before. We are thrilled when our clients progress - whether it is a first word to a therapist or correctly following instructions or a client's smile when he/she knows that he/she has successfully completed a task. Seeing improvements in a client's abilities, self-confidence and self-esteem makes our day.  We like to think that a key factor behind our success is our unwavering drive to focus on our clients' abilities, rather than their disabilities.

We hope as you learn more about Equestrian Connection and about what we have to offer to serve people with special needs that you will decide to become part of our family as a client, a volunteer, a donor, a sponsor or a partner. We need all of you!


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